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Cloud Telephony Solutions

We @ ItsEasy

have merged Traditional Telephony System to Cloud Technology providing Cloud Telephony Solutions for your business which includes vast range of Solutions Like:
IVR/Virtual Receptionist
Toll Free Numbers
Customized IVR Solutions
Missed Call Number Solutions
Teleconferencing Solutions
Call-Center Based Solutions
Thus being One Stop Solutions for all your Cloud Telephony Solutions.
cloud telephony services
What is Cloud Telephony and Why you should choose it?

As the name suggests, Cloud Telephony is the latest communication technology that transformed your traditional business phone like landlines, computers, etc. to the Cloud.

How? Well, all conventional business telephone system, Like – PBX, EPBAX, Landlines, etc. devices and required applications are hosted at the service provider’s premises. Any business or individual interested in using these services do not need to buy any hardware or install any software to get these services, thus making our clients saves Lots of Money on infrastructure, maintenance and man-power.

ItsEasy Solutions' Cloud Telephony helps you to make and receive multiple calls simultaneously with Greeting the caller with Welcome Message, without having to invest in any additional infrastructure of any kind. The services can be started on a traditional phone, mobile or a computer system i.e. desktop, laptop or tablet. Thus helping you to manage your business calls and connect with your customers from anywhere, anytime and does not loose any leads or prospects.

cloud telephony services

We ItsEasy Solutions (P) Ltd., the best cloud telephony, IVR provider, toll free provider company in Lucknow, India, provides various cloud telephony solutions including IVR/Virtual Receptionist, Toll Free Numbers, Missed Call Number, Call Center based solutions, Customized IVR Applications and Lots More. At ItsEasy Solutions (P) Ltd., we certainly have a proven track record for cloud based solutions by catering with out Cloud Based solutions in almost all segments Like Real Estate, Education - School and Colleges, Hospitals, Government Sectors, etc.

Most Commonly Used Cloud Telephony Solutions

  • IVR/Virtual Receptionist
  • Toll Free Numbers Service
  • Missed Call Services

These are the basic services that are most commonly used by clients, but cloud telephony is not limited to these rather has expanded a lot in last few years. We at ItsEasy Solutions (P) Ltd., the best cloud telephony service provider have made use of cloud telephony to cater every one in need from a small business to huge call centers and BPOs.

Benefits of Cloud Telephony:
  • Gives your business a professional look.
  • No investment in any hardware like PBX,EPABX, etc.
  • Saves your huge money in form of infrastructure and man-power.
  • Helps you to manage multiple calls simultaneously with single number.
  • It supports communication that has moved outside the walls of the office.
  • Track, Monitor, Record all calls in real time, from a dedicated online portal.
  • You can handle or manage calls of your customers/prospects 24x7 anytime, anywhere.
  • Increase efficiency of your employees, staff or agents, thus get growth in your business by never missing any lead.
Let Us Explain these Basic Cloud Telephony Services
IVR/Virtual Receptionist

Interactive Voice Response (abbreviated as IVR) also known as Virtual Receptionist is used for delivering automated, in-bound call receiving system with welcome greeting. Thus enabling you to simultaneously handle several calls at a time and helps you to track them too in Real Time.Being best ivr service provider company ItsEasy Solutions enables you to Empower Your Business and Improve Productivity with our Virtual Receptionist/IVR Service.

Being experienced, skilled and best ivr service provider company, ItsEasy Solutions provides you 10-digit mobile number (virtual number), hosted on our cloud server helps to receive multiple calls simultaneously, greet them with message and then transfer it to concerned department. IVR enables you to monitor, record, track in real time all incoming calls on the virtual number, which are transferred on your number thus Improves operational efficiency and Employees productivity in all possible aspects. IVR offers advantages for businesses of all sizes and across all verticals, including financial services, health-care, government, real-estates, education, etc.

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IVR service works on number of channels, meaning number of calls which can be handled simultaneously at a time, programmed under Extensions and Departments. Your employees can receive calls on their mobile devices, landlines or desk phones when any user calls on your IVR number. Calls can be routed to as many calls forwarding numbers as per forwarding plan chosen. If by chance you miss a call, it will send you voice message with a transcription to your email and your online voice-mail. Know the distribution of calls among your employees, agent talk time, your callers numbers circle and network and what’s converting into sales all from your dashboard under dedicated online panel.

Features of IVR:
  • Track Incoming & Outgoing Calls
  • Professional IVR & Call Routing between teams
  • CRM Integration with customer support number
  • Call Recording/Data & Analysis
  • Click 2 Call widget to reduce communication lag for website visitors
Toll Free Number Service

Make your audience like to talk to you without being charged at all. Toll free - fancy memorize phone number features with Voice, SMS and Email Services, starting with 1800-xxxx-xxx. We are leading Toll Free Number Service Provider in India and Abroad. We integrate our IVR service with Toll Free to make it user-friendly and easy to use for you to manage leads, new clients, your agents and customer

ItsEasy Solutions (P) Ltd. offers Toll Free Number Service for India, at unbeatable low rates. We provide innovative and user-friendly Toll Free Number service in India focusing on providing a cost efficient business solution to our valuable clients. And we provide inbuilt call log and call management feature with our web based panel with each toll free number.

So now manage and have full control over your toll free number. Our Toll Free Number package is loaded with all the features which are currently available in the industry. You cannot find all such features together at an affordable price anywhere else. Toll Free number provides your potential customers with a free and convenient way to contact your business. The charges for using a Toll Free number are paid by you instead of your potential customers. The number can be called by fixed line and mobile subscribers of any service providers in India.

Features of Toll Free Number Service:
  • Welcome Message – Multi Language (Fully Customized)
  • Programmable Extensions
  • Web Interface
  • Voice Mail
  • Missed Calls Alert
  • SMS Alerts
  • Call Recording
  • Location Based Call Routing
  • Custom On-hold Music
  • Free Voice Calls & Free SMS Packs with each Plan
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Cloud Telephony, helps you

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